19 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

Britain's First Halal Make-up

Helalliği konusunda en çok kaygı güdülmesi gereken hususlardan biriside sanırım kozmetik alanıdır, çok daha az denetimi olan bu sektörde girdi kontrol gıda üretimine göre daha zor ve zahmetli. İngilterede bu alanda atılmış güzel bir adıma dair...

Britain's First Halal Make-up

Britain's First Halal Make-up

Reuters reports that Samina Akhter, a Muslim businesswoman has created the U.K's first range of Halal make-up.

Samina Pure Make-up, set up from her home in Birmingham, and is alcohol free and contains no animal products.

Her drive to produce the make-up came when she realised that many High Street shops sold makeup which included alcohol and fatty acids and gelatin from pigs, all of which are forbidden under Islamic law.

Samina said, "As a Muslim, I was questioning what I was putting on my skin, I wanted to know whether it was permissible in Islam. Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith,"
Complying by Islamic law, receiving Hala accreditation in early June, Samina Pure Make-up's range of lipsticks and eyeliners consist of plant extracts, minerals, essential oils and vitamins.

Since then the customer base has reached over 500 and is sold online.
Samina added that there has been interest shown from as far afield as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore being shipped there from Australia and independently certified by the Halal Certification Authority Australia.

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