19 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

Indonesia Becoming the World Halal Standard References

Tek ve ortak kabul bir standart sektöre yeni bir ivme kazandıracaktır, çok başlı-parçalı bu yapının değişmesi yönünde umut verici bir adım.

Indonesia Becoming the World Halal Standard References

Indonesia Becoming the World Halal Standard References
Indonesia became a standard reference for determining the kosher world together with Malaysia and Singapore.

"The result of our agreement in this meeting, we equate kosher standards with reference to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore," said President of the World Halal Council Lukmanul Hakim in Jakarta, Sunday.

The deal was taken in the international meeting on halal standards are followed by 31 institutions such as the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), Halal Transsction of Omaha (U.S.) and Shandong Islamic Association (SIA), China.

During the meeting, he said, to 31 institutions agreed to equate kosher standards for various products such as cosmetics, medicines and food.

This meeting, according Lukmanul, an inter-agency meetings of certification of the entire world that talked about the halal certification standards and procedures submitted by the Research Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (LPPOM) Assembly of Ulama Indonesia (MUI) and the Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority Netherland.

Also discusses the halal certification standards on animal slaughter and halal certification standards on processed food.

"We agreed to form a team and later will do the job ratify halal standards," said Lukamnul who is also director of LPPOM MUI.

Efforts to establish an international halal standards had been pioneered since the World Halal Council was formed in 1999 in Jakarta.

He added that the halal standard agreement will also be submitted to the organization of Islamic countries (OIC) and also desirable ratified by the United Nations (UN).

Currently kosher certification agencies have different standards regarding both the organization and system of auditing standards, standards for animal slaughter and processed food.

Different standards are very difficult for the halal certification process involving use of materials or products interstate.

Differences that often occur in the halal certification standards, he added, rather than on the concept of halal and haram but rather on the technical standard of examination and implementation as pemingsanan techniques in the process of slaughter and others.

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